lundi 12 mars 2018

Study on Confidential Birth and Safety Measures of Infants from Unmarried Mothers

... Therefore, by comparing historical, cultural, legal and ethical context of each country and various forms of safety net for the issues pertaining to infant abandonment, Korea’s current baby box, and its relevant issues are thoroughly evaluated. Korea’s Special Adoption Law, amended in 2012, is specifically examined in regards to the issue of increased infant abandonment rate. According to the study, it is evident that factors played in infant abandonment are non-uniform, but those who commit infant abandonment share certain characteristics. By achieving a manifestation of social marginalization on those who often commit infant abandonment, it is apparent that the active involvement of health care professionals followed by an introduction of confidential birth is vital for Korea to secure lives of relinquished infants.

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Mémoire d'Yeani Choi

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