mardi 20 février 2018

Young Adults' Perspectives on Their Experiences of Different Types of Placement in Romania

This study explores the childhood experiences and transitions to adulthood of 39 Romanian care leavers and adoptees, born around 1989-1990. In the past, Romania's children in care becme known to the world as "Romanian orphans" and some of them have been subjects to neurodevelopmental research studies focusing on the setbacks posed by institutionalisation in early life. This research project takes a different angle by:

  • Using life history approach and therefore capturing the participants' in-depth accounts of how they recall their childhoods and the challenges they encountered in their transition to indepedent life;
  • Exploring four different types of placements and how they affect transition to independent life, from a user's perspective.

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Mémoire de Mariela Neagu

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