jeudi 29 juin 2017

Once a mother. Relinquishment and adoption from the perspective of unmarried mothers in South India

In the course of writing this thesis, many people around me, both researchers in social sciences and non-academic acquaintances, inquired about the subject of my research. I usually outlined my previous professional activities in the field of adoption and how my work experiences had led me to initiate research about unmarried mothers in South India. Professionals in the field of adoption had access to quite a bit of information with respect to adoptive parents and adoptees. But information on the so-called supply side was scarce, rather homogenizing and not in line with what I had observed in 1991 during an apprenticeship in institutions with a licence for adoption in India. The originality of my research thus was to fill this knowledge gap and to document and understand the process of relinquishment from the perspective of the biological mothers.

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Mémoire de Pien Bos

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